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“Good marketing for charities and other non-profits takes more time and experience than money” – O’C&K.

We believe that marketing is about good engagement and great experiences. In general, what we do is help develop real marketing plans for specific programmes. Not ones that will be left-on-the-shelf. Our plans include a brand positioning review, a definition of your audiences, the creation of a powerful message, the delivery of your message and a route to spread it further through storytelling.

We do fully understand that marketing is not fundraising, but also that it is essential to it. Based on our comprehensive background in fundraising, CSR and marketing communications we have been employed by a wide selection of non-profit organisations.

Here are some of the organisations that we have worked with / keep company with:

Aidlink – Enabling Communities in Africa Tackle Poverty


O’C&K were briefed to develop a more engaging and relevant identity for the established Aidlink charity to convey the link between the charity’s Irish base and its work in Africa.

Following an extensive brand audit, proposals for the new identity were developed with the preferred choice being subsequently implemented across a range of relevant marketing collaterals.

Anew – Providing Counselling, Homelessness and Parenting Support to Women & Families


Life Pregnancy Care Ireland limited appointed OC&K to work with the charity’s management team. They wanted to develop a strategy and positioning for the charity that would be relevant to the changing space within which it now operates.  During this process, the vision and mission were revisited and developed to reflect the charity’s new positioning and the services being offered.

As part of this process, the need to rename the charity was identified. Subsequently, an identity was developed, namely –  Anew.

A comprehensive range of both charity and services related support and marketing material was developed in the new identity. This comprised stationery, folder / brochures signage for the 3 offices and a website that would engage more directly with the service user.

Breast Cancer Ireland – Researching a Cure


BCI requested an identity review and consultation on their brand structure. With the objective of differentiating BCI from the ‘sea of pink ribbons’, a stand-out identity was developed with the research element pronounced. A style guide was also developed with recommendations on all marketing collateral. An element of the brand structure audit included vision. mission and objectives review. Further recommendations on fundraising / sponsorship were also part of the service provided.

The Down Syndrome Centre – Creating a Place where Children with Down Syndrome can Thrive

down-syndrome-centre-charities-marketing-collateralDSC 2



When the Down Syndrome Centre Charity eventually opened the doors of its first Centre – it was time to review all elements of DSC brand. O’C&K were contracted to consult for an overall strategic plan for the business and in particular its communications, going forward. An identity was researched, developed and implemented. Creative implementation of all marketing collaterals was required including a revamped website and social media platforms. Fundraising and sponsorship consultancy was provided together with event collaboration.

Irish Sarcoma Group – A Medical Forum for diagnosing, treating and caring for people (children and adults) with sarcoma


Sarcoma Group-website-marketing-charities

The Irish Sarcoma Group arose from an initial meeting in Ireland which identified a need for an ongoing forum. O’C&K were employed to undertake a complete brand identity concept. The concept subsequently implemented included a brand identity comprising an online presence and creative implementation across the full range of marketing collaterals.

Lymphoma Forum of Ireland – To Minimise the Impact of Lymphoma across the Island of Ireland



The Lymphoma Forum is all about promoting best practice in the treatment of Lymphoma across Ireland. An initial objective was the development of management guidelines for these diseases in line with the WHO classification and best international treatment practices. O’C&K were consulted to establish an online presence to assist with the Board’s communication efforts. Our work entailed researching, developing and implementing a web design concept in line with excellent user experience for the specific audience. The project required content management and communication guidelines.

Nurture – Getting women back to positive emotional well-being



O’C&K were initially requested to facilitate a brainstorming session as Nurture were reviewing all elements of their brand. Following same, a full brand positioning statement was developed together with identity and communication recommendations.

Further to a review of the charity’s positioning and services,  its mission and vision were re-developed to reflect same. The process is still work-in-progress and the existing identity (above) is currently being redeveloped. In time, it will be implemented across the existing website and marketing collaterals.

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) – Promoting the Enhancement of Quality in Ireland’s Further and Higher Education and Training



QQI  is a state agency with a board appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills. In 2015 their amalgamated functions included those previously carried out by the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC); the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC); the Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB) and the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI).

Further to a tendering process, OC&K were appointed to research and develop a sub-brand strategy for their various responsibilities and develop a new identity for same.

The QQI Awards are one of the key areas of responsibility for QQI. Their development had to serve as a comprehensive replacement for a range of previously existing award types. O’C&K developed a new identity for the QQI Awards and subsequently launched same with a multi-media campaign. The campaign was developed and implemented with the primary objectives of driving both internal and external awareness of the new awards.

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