Social Partnership

The first step towards social partnership between the commercial and social sectors is their realisation that a customer / donor is a ‘person’ and not just a wallet.

More and more, people want an engaging experience, when and where they want it. As a result they are using their power with regard to where and how they spend / donate their hard earned monies.

For businesses, it is not enough to tick the CSR activity’s box anymore, or to create a strategic campaign to reinforce brand image. They are realising that their ‘giving’ budgets need to be invested more effectively and creatively. This is because, a) the public expects companies to do more good and b) employees want opportunities to make a difference as part of their work experience.

For NGOs, it is no longer enough to rely on the ‘feel good’ factor in order to attract government funding, philanthropists, regular donors or even the general public. They are realising that people, and State bodies, are demanding more transparency. We believe that clearer goals are required to allow for a more focused approach to impact measurement and subsequent communication.

The real impact of any social engagement must be communicated in a smarter way, if organisations are to achieve authenticity, appreciation and buy-in.

Social Partnerships impact on society.

There is a growing realisation by the corporate and the social sectors that they need to engage with each other more, in order to ensure a positive impact on society.

At O’C&K we believe that this changing landscape of social responsibility will transform the relationships between social and business partners into the future. Businesses need to be a little more like NGOs and NGOs need to be a little more like businesses.

We want to work with your organisation. As part of your team we can undertake some or all of the activity below. If required, O’C&K can help you develop and implement a social partnership that is rooted in achieving your objectives and is, of course, measurable.

We can also help you to differentiate between fundraising and sponsorship by reviewing and enhancing your current strategy.

  • Strategy development
  • Prospect mining
  • Giving programme review and audit
  • Proposal development
  • Measurement
  • In-house training
  • Key note speaking

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