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Do you believe that if you build it – they will come

I don’t think the above sentiment is true, but observing how communication tools are being abused of late, I wonder if some people do actually believe it. I mean, has anybody noticed recently the number of small businesses who have set up a social media account (smart), that are increasingly ‘advertising their wares’ on their timelines (not smart).  How have I noticed this?  Take twitter for instance, other than the timeline being full with ‘non-engaging’ tweets, more and more of late, when we follow back on @oconnorandkelly, we then get an auto DM to ‘like’ on Facebook, an ad or a suggestion to download something from a website. Has this happened to you?

Of course many SMEs are just dipping their toes in social media networks but wouldn’t it be better to get it right first time? Unfortunately, some have been advised (sic), that a social media presence is a great new opportunity for customer acquisition and non-paid advertising. Accordingly, SMEs sign up for a Twitter or Facebook account and, as recommended by the gurus, commence posting opening hours, product features, special offers etc. Both Aidan and I (OC&K), have been in the communication business for over 30 years and in our opinion, these so called gurus, goddesses, mavens and pros are just about turning networks into the old fashioned, intrusive, marketing channels of old. And how do you spot these advisors? Easy – their timelines are full of similar type advertising.

Nurture the relationship.

The problem isn’t unsurmountable per se, because all a recipient has to do is un-follow, unlike, unsubscribe, block or ignore. However, the way I see it is that many start-ups and SMEs could be much smarter about how they use this excellent opportunity to build trust by communicating with customers and prospects properly, rather than advertising to them. Let’s face it, when somebody ‘likes’ your post they are not saying yes, please sell to me. No, they’re probably saying, OK, that’s interesting let me see what you’re like over a period of time. So what do we have to do? – nurture the relationship. Unfortunately, the business, who is led to believe that someone is listening to their ‘spam’, is in fact losing the opportunity for leads, never mind actual sales. In addition to that, when the opinions of just a few hundred people can impact the success of your business, knowing how to use social media marketing is critical.

Tips and Timesavers.

So, if you’re getting advice on social media planning here are some things to remember:

  • You do not have to be present on a specific or all networks
  • Email is not extinct
  • Social media has not replaced SEO completely
  • All your updates should not be automated
  • You should not auto DM your followers
  • Your prospects ARE online /using social media

I know there is no ‘right’ way to do social media, but there are definitely wrong ways to do it. Keep it social and have real interaction with prospects – then, they will come.

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